The Jennylyn Show- Global Security in Crisis Dr. Roger Weissinger-Baylon


  1. Jennylyn Pace Gleave says:

    Hello Jennylyn,

    I watched your interview with Roger with great pleasure and thought it went very smoothly. You are a charming interviewer, you smile a lot and you know exactly how to split the time between your questions and the person you interview. For our friends and me, it was a lot of fun to watch too.
    Congratulations to you!



  2. Jennylyn Pace Gleave says:


    Wow—I just reviewed it with Anne!

    You have done a wonderful job! I am really proud to have been on your show, and I really appreciate this opportunity.

    In fact, this encourages me to express my views more widely in the future.

    You are a great interviewer!

    And all this is due to your leaving your sun glasses on the table at Starbucks.


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